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Trees4RealEstate AS is a Norwegian registered company, with strong relations to our award-winning forestry company in Kenya — Better Globe Forestry Ltd. On this page, you can read more about how we work and why we do what we do.

Our History

Trees4RealEstate AS

Trees4RealEstate is one of Better Globe Forestry's projects. We cooperate with buyers and sellers of real estate so they can buy trees, which we plant in Better Globe Forestry's plantations and with our contract farmers in East Africa. This way, we can plant loads of trees faster and develop the rural semi-arid areas in ways we could not do before.

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Our history

Dryland Plantations

Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

We are pioneers in planting trees in semi-arid lands (ASAL) and we develop a range of interventions to cooperate with neighboring communities and individuals.

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Dryland plantations

Tree Species

Trees4RealEstate AS

Better Globe Forestry plants indigenous trees very well adapted to arid and semi-arid lands. Melia volkensii (Mukau) and Melia azedarach (Persian Lilac) are our high quality hardwood trees.

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Tree species

Award and Recognition

Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

Better Globe forestry is growing in notoriety with many positive recommendations and accolades from around the world and one of our last award was "Best Corporate Tax Yield."

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Main Staff

Here follows some of our key personnel behind our projects.


Trees4RealEstate offers the most unique and ambitious real estate savings program on the market. The real estate seller pays us 4% of the sales price, which we use to plant trees. In year 15, the trees have grown from a 4% value to a staggering 40% value, where we pay both seller and buyer 20% each of the original real estate sale.

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Klostergata 6, 1532 Moss
Østfold, NORWAY
Phone: (+47) 4644-7606