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Real estate

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Whether you are a buyer or seller of real estate, you both receive 20% of the sales price by joining our most prestigious real estate savings program on the market.

Buyer and Seller

How can we both receive
20% of the sales price?

The seller pays 4% of the sales price to us, to plant high quality mahogany trees in Kenya. Our award-winning forestry company, Better Globe Forestry Ltd, takes care of your trees until they are harvested in year 15. The increased value of the trees makes it possible for us to pay 20% of the original sales price of the real estate back to both of you in year 15.

What I need to do

What to do next in order to receive 20%?

Step 1: Buyer

The buyer starts the registration process by registering personal info, like name, city and email, and agreeing to our terms & conditions. After completing registration, we send a confirmation email to the buyer, where the buyer can create a password to sign in.

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What to do next

Step 2: Seller

The seller follows the same registration process after the buyer finishes step 1 and enters the sales price of the real estate. We calculate 4% or the sales price, where the seller makes a money transfer of the amount to our company in Norway.

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Trees4RealEstate offers the most unique and ambitious real estate savings program on the market. The real estate seller pays us 4% of the sales price, which we use to plant trees. In year 15, the trees have grown from a 4% value to a staggering 40% value, where we pay both seller and buyer 20% each of the original real estate sale.

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